AC DC Tig Welding Inverters

Our TIG216i AC-DC & TIG276T AC-DC are designed for high quality welding of aluminium, aluminium alloys, stainless steels, mild steel, copper, brass, castings etc. Ideal for fabrication or maintenance applications for a wide range of industries.

TIG216i AC-DC – 230V, price £809 GBP 

TIG276T AC-DC – 400V, prices £1155 GBP 

Approved Distributors, trade resellers, export enquiries & volume please contact us for discounts.

From 2019 these normally available for delivery in 1-2 days for UK or 3-4 days for rest of Europe.

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These models are ideal for fabrication or maintenance applications for a wide range of industries from automotive to aerospace. Both have really good welding performance with a very stable quiet arc throughout the range. These machines are constructed using Toshiba mosfets & other quality parts with a large safety margin for the best reliability. These are a well proven range of AC DC TIGs with 1000s sold over the last 10 years.

TIG216i AC-DC – 210A max output 230V single phase.

TIG276T AC-DC – 270A max output 400V 3 phase.

Built to comply with BS EN 60974-1, CE marked, RoHS compliant and WEEE registered so you can be sure of the safety & quality.

Standard features

  • Infinitely variable output up to machines max setting, 210A or 270A
  • AC DC welding output.
  • MMA stick welding facility.
  • True AC squarewave with balance to control cleaning & penetration.
  • Digital meter displays welding current prior to actually welding.
  • HF, high frequency starting.
  • 2T/4T torch trigger latching.
  • Pre & Post flow gas timer.
  • Slope down control for perfect finishes to each weld.
  • Remote socket ready to accept our foot pedal or hand remote.
  • Pulse function with freq, duty & current controls.
  • Arc force on MMA welding.
  • High duty cycle to cope with demanding applications.
  • High efficiency so uses less electric than many other machines.
  • Generator friendly.
  • Engineer friendly (these machines can easily be maintained)


High quality foot pedal available to control the welding current precisely.
TIG torch with remote control of amps on handle.
Water cooling trolley & torch.

We guarantee to fully support these models with spares & service for a minimum of 10 years.

The best back up in the industry!

TIG 216i & TIG 276T AC DC technical specs

TIG 216i & TIG 276T AC DC technical specs

Amps range 5-210A 10-270A
Input voltage & fuse 230V 13A/16A 400V 16A
Amps @60% duty cycle 180A 250A
Max OCV (no load volts) 60V 60V
Recommended min generator size 5kva 7kva
Size approx 495mm x 330mm x 325mm 520mm x 370mm x 320mm
Weight approx 24kg 32kg

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