MULTI-200i inverter MIG + STICK + TIG

MIG + STICK + TIG all rolled into one portable package make this a very popular product!

Ideal for all mobile welding applications.

These models are normally ex stock available for delivery in 1-2 days for UK or 3-4 days for rest of Europe.

Price £659 GBP + any extras

Discounts available for approved distributors & resellers, volume & export.




This versatile welding machine offers the user all popular welding processes within one convenient highly portable package. 

Unlike most multi-process machines on the market there is no compromise on welding performance on any welding process, you get superb arc characteristics on MIG TIG & arc welding. In addition, the 60% duty cycle is way ahead of competitive products on the market today.

MIG welding is from 18A-200A range, the low minimum power of 18A on 0.8mm MIG wire means you can use this machine for the very lightest metals from 0.5mm upwards & is ideal for automotive work & everything else right up to the maximum power of 200A (240A peak). In addition the high duty cycle is perfect for those heavier jobs! A standard Euro adaptor is fitted & a full size wire feed motor & feed system is standard to ensure you get consistent wire feeding of wire every time you press the trigger!

TIG welding with HF start, from 10A-200A DC, ideal for steel & stainless steel maintenance, repair & fabrication. HF start ensures perfect arc starts & a variable gas post flow control is fitted for perfect weld finishes.

MMA ARC welding is from 10A-200A, all popular electrodes can be used right to 4mm size, hot start is built in for easy arc starting. In addition the high duty cycle means you can keep on welding rod after rod without overheating the machine.

Standard functions/features

  • Infinitely variable output between 10 and 200 amps with max amps of 240 on MIG
  • Digital readout of actual Amps on MIG, TIG & MMA (displays set value prior to welding for easy setting)
  • Variable inductance on MIG to give perfect welding characteristics for all wire & material types.
  • Takes standard 5kg MIG wire with a 15kg option.
  • True DC TIG with HF start for perfect starts & variable downslope & gas post flow control on TIG for perfect weld finishes.
  • Built in hot start for MMA welding & variable arc force.

We guarantee to fully support these machines with spares & service for a minimum of 10 years, the best long term back up in the industry.


Technical Info

Technical Info

Supply voltage 230V 1ph
Fuse 16A (13A OK up to 2/3 power)
Amps range 10A-200A (240A peak on MIG)
MIG spool size 200mm (5kg)
MIG wire diameter 0.8/1.0mm
Duty cycle [email protected]%, [email protected]%
Max OCV 60V DC
Protection IP23S

Size & weight approx; 480Lx420Hx215W, 15KG.

This machine is built to BS EN 60974-1, BS EN 60974-10, its CE marked RoHS compliant & WEEE registered so you can be sure of the quality.

And all backed up with our unbeatable long term support.

1 year warranty + 10 year guarantee of service + spares availability.


Standard supply, options & accessories

Standard supply, options & accessories

Supplied standard with 3M earth, mains input lead, 2M gas hose, torch switch plug.

Options available at time of order;

Remote current connector fitted for foot pedal or other remote to be used, reverse polarity MIG option, 15kg wire spool holder adaptor with steel chassis & frame,

Accessories available;

Super smooth foot pedal for TIG welding, TIG torches with plug & power adaptor, electrode holder leads, MIG torches, spool guns etc. For any other requirement please contact our sales dept. (for foot pedal & remotes the machine must be ordered with the optional remote connector fitted).

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