Technical Arc was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer, welding equipment repair centre & parts wholesaler, we have recently celebrated our 27th year in business & look forward to the next 20+ years in an ever changing industry.

During our early years we quickly gained a reputation for our technical abilities and good solid British made equipment. Our machine range expanded rapidly and we manufactured equipment for Oerlikon & other leading global manufacturers.

In 1992 we set the business up as a ‘sole trader’ company, something we outgrew after a few years. In April 2011 we finally decided to incorporate the company & trade as Technical Arc Ltd. Throughout the last 27 years we have always been a financially strong company, this has allowed us to grow & prosper even when economic times are challenging. We feel this is extremely important, it means we are not reliant on any bank or shareholders. This means we have the flexibility to move the business forward however we wish, it gives us the very best buying power, respect in the industry and very importantly long term stability.

We have grown into a well respected company in the industry and the largest British manufacturer of welding & cutting machines. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge & some members have been with us for over 20 years. We strongly believe in investing in the future so we take on apprentice’s each year, many of which remain with the company & become an asset to the business as they become skilled. We also have a very active design & development department constantly looking to improve our products and develop new equipment to suit an ever changing industry.

We operate from our own 20,000 square foot freehold premises. We are located on the east side of the Historic City of York, with excellent transport links and a central location in the British Isles we are ideally placed for serving the UK & the rest of the world.

We have very active service & repair departments including an electronics workshop which deals with PCBs & complex inverter based machines, a transformer winding shop & a large general service, repair & calibration department.
We hold the largest range & stocks of universal spare parts for welding & cutting machines in the UK.
All in all we feel our technical abilities are unbeatable.

We export our equipment to many countries including all of the E.U. European countries, Also- South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. In recent years our export business has grown strongly and now represents a substantial part of our business. The weak British Pound, superb product range & very keen export prices all help us to increase our worldwide sales.

Our long term commitment to the welding industry is second to none, we aim to supply some of the best equipment you can buy at a reasonable price, with absolute peace of mind. Even our small machines come with a guarantee of a minimum of 10 years backup and we guarantee to be able to provide 100% backup with parts and service for a minimum of 15 or 20 years on our industrial machines.

Over the last few years the welding supply industry has had a difficult time & many changes have taken place.  Some of the well known manufacturers have pulled out of the UK or gone out of business, many welding distributors have closed down or merged or had to change & become one stop shops for general industrial supplies.
Despite the changing market we have actually increased our market share, expanded our product range & increased our production.  We now supply 100’s of UK & Irish welding distributors with our products and our UK market share of welding machines has overtaken many of the major global manufacturers.

Manufacturing of welding equipment
We manufacture TECARC, Portamig & Oxford welding & cutting machines. We also manufacture 100’s of auxiliary products such as water coolers, wire feeders, small positioners, foot pedals, torches, TIG boxes etc. We also design & manufacture bespoke automatic welding equipment for industry.

TECARC welding machine prices – why do our prices seem so competitive? Unlike other manufacturers we don’t have crazy list prices or RRP or MRRP with big discounts on offer, we simply price our equipment realistically.

We make almost everything here in our factory of locally so we have best control of quality & costs, furthermore, we don’t have Shareholders to answer to & there is no large distribution chain. You either buy from our distributor or direct from our factory.

Wherever possible we prefer to supply through our distributors so you receive the best local support, also distributors often stock our products giving you supply in a very short time. Where we have no local distributor or for offshore/export please contact us for direct supply.

Our competitors have equipment made in non UK factories, these are usually held in distribution centres then shipped by sea freight to UK or European distribution centre, then shipped to the UK distributor, then delivered to you. Everyone in this process makes a % profit from the equipment sale so you often end up paying around 40-50% extra, this is the main reason why our equipment is priced better than our competitors.

We are now proud members of ‘Made in Britain’ membership is available only where at least 80% of supply chain value is or British origin.

We stock 10,000’s of replacement parts for all types and makes of machines including wire feed parts, rectifiers, transformers, fans, pumps, motors etc and we have around 1000 welding/cutting torches (MIG, TIG, PLASMA) in stock. We are the official UK Trafimet Plasma torch wholesaler with 1000’s of parts stocked. Whatever part your require we can probably supply it or offer an alternative.

Repairs & Technical Services
We can repair nearly every make and model of machine ever made, our in-house electronic department can cope with the simplest of PCB’s or complex inverter machines. We also have an in-house transformer winding department which can rewind or make a replacement for most transformers. Our service & repair department are very experienced in all makes & models of equipment and also offer calibration/ validation to BS EN 50504 / BS EN IEC60974-14. We offer free telephone support to all existing customers.