Calibrator 500i & 600i AC-DC

Portable load banks with integrated instruments for testing every type of welding machine.

The ultimate engineers tool for calibration / validation of welding machines to EN 50504, EN IEC60974-14 etc.

Our unique Calibrators offer unrivalled portability, they do not require any external power supply & can be connected to TIG machines with the HF running. Our design really speeds up the whole process of setting up & validating machines. which means it’s possible to calibrate many machines per hour!


Really user friendly engineers tools with everything necessary for validation / calibration to European & international standards.

Updated design from July 2018! Now with greater load range & more resistors for an even more rugged product.

Fast delivery time to all countries around the world, with an option to buy in GBP or Euro. 

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The easiest & fastest way to calibrate every type & make of welding machine. Just plug into your machines output terminals & get testing!

Our design is the most portable & easy to use system in the world & has sold in over 40 countries to date.

Multiple load resistors are built into a light but tough aluminium enclosure which utilises the ‘stack effect’ to give natural cooling in excess of a powerful fan. Each of the 5 main load switches can be operated independantly to give up to 25 different load values. In addition a fine control switch with 5 steps up to 20A provides even more control of the load providing a combined total of 150 different load values. This wide range of load resistance allows testing on all welding processes in accordance with the volt/amp relationship formula. For instance on MIG/MAG at 300A you can achieve 29V, on TIG you can achieve 22V, on MMA 32V etc. Every load setting is marked with the approx current rating but all will withstand high overloads as often happens during load testing of welding equipment. The input is also protected from HF damage.

Features & functions

  • Hand portable – weight from only 13kg.
  • No external power supply needed.
  • Unique design means much faster validations.
  • Bright LED Amps & Volts display with true RMS.
  • Allows validation to BS EN50504, EN IEC60974-14 etc.
  • 5 carefully chosen main loads to give 25 settings.
  • Additional 5 step fine control up to 20 Amps.
  • Calibration traceable to National Standards.
  • HF safe design means no damage on TIG.
  • Robust all aluminium construction.
  • Front controls protected from knocks.
  • Supplied complete with welding leads.
  • Supplied with calibration certificate.
  • Quality British made product.
  • British & European patents applied for.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 15 year guarentee of parts & service availability.
  • Unlimited free technical support by phone/email.

Technical data

Technical data

Technical data Calibrator 500i AC-DC Calibrator 600i AC-DC
Main load switches – 5 of 200A, 130A, 90A, 60A, 25A 230A, 200A, 90A, 60A, 25A
Fine switch 5 step max 20A 5 step max 20A
LED display accuracy 0.5% +/- 1 digit 0.5% +/- 1 digit
Input voltage range 0-99.9 (120V peak) 0-99.9 (120V peak)
Peak A / V @ full load [email protected] – 10 sec [email protected] – 10 sec
Duty cycle at load rating 50% all loads 50% all loads
TIG/WIG recommended test range. 10A/10V – 520A/31V 10A/10V – 630A/34V
MIG/MAG recommended test range. 15A/15V – 460A/37V 15A/15V – 560A/42V
MMA & SUB ARC recommended test range. 20A/21V – 450A/38V 20A/21V – 550A/42V
100% duty for extended testing – full load. 330A/20V 400A/20.8V
Overload withstand 30 seconds Amps rating x 1.35 Amps rating x 1.35
Overload withstand 10 seconds Amps rating x 1.75 Amps rating x 1.75
Approx weight 13kg 14kg
Size 260 x 530 x 450mm 260 x 530 x 450mm

Standard supply, optional accessories & further info

Standard supply, optional accessories & further info

Supplied with;

  • Calibration certificate tracable to National Standards with ultimate traceability to UKAS laboratory.
  • Connection cables.
  • Instruction manual & parts list in English.
  • Free of charge training in our works or remotely if required.
  • Unlimited technical support by phone/email for product life.

Optional accessories;

  • Hand held tacometer for measurement of wire feed speed & RPM.
  • MIG Euro adaptor kit to allow easy connection & testing of MIG machines fitted with a euro adaptor.


For recalibration of these units we now offer 3 options;

  1. Return whole unit to our factory.
  2. Send just the PCB together with shunt to our factory (better for overseas customers).
  3. We supply you the information to get it recalibrated by a local calibration lab.

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