OPTeARC EWELD MST multi-process welding power sources 220A-300A (CC/CV ARC/MMA/SMAW, TIG/GTAW, MIG/MAG/GMAW).

EWELD 220MST dual voltage 230/400V £1098 GBP

EWELD 250MST dual voltage 230/400V £1198 GBP

EWELD 300MST dual voltage 230/400V £1385 GBP

Discounts for approved distributors, trade resellers, volume & export.

Superior performance industrial machines constructed using the very latest Mitsubishi Hybrid chopper technology combining the performance advantages of inverter technology with the rugged reliability of transformer based machines.

Superb welding performance combined with the lowest power consumption & the longest life span means these a better option to buying an inverter.

DUAL voltage 110/230, 230/400, 230V single phase & 400V 3 phase.

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OPTeARC EWELD MST, multi-process superior performance machines 220-300A

EWELD MST compact models 220-300A, CC/CV output superb welding performance on all processes. CC output for MMA Stick welding with all electrodes including cellulosic. Lift arc DC TIG. Plug in a wire feeder select CV output & you have superb performance MIG/MAG.

All models are manufactured to comply with BS EN 60974-1 & BS EN 60974-10

Also in full compliance with RoHS directive 2011/65/EU & weee directive 2012/19/EU

We guarantee to fully support these machines with spares & service for a minimum of 20 years, the best long term back up in the industry!

‘Invest in the best’ quality made British welding equipment. We guarantee you will be delighted!

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OPTeARC EWELD MST - further reading

OPTeARC EWELD MST - further reading

OPTeARC EWELD power sources are British made industrial machines built using our unique Mitsubishi hybrid chopper technology. This design gives you all the performance benefits of a good inverter based machine with instant arc starts, a smooth superior arc & very low power consumption, but with the rugged reliable build of a transformer machine & dual voltage input for easy connection to any supply.

Due to the high efficiency of our OPTeARC technology the size, weight & input power are reduced by a massive amount compared with conventional machines. Furthermore these tolerate harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperatures, damp & dust & can be used outside in the rain. Internal construction is simple with minimal parts & only one control PCB, these machines will not fail in dirty or damp workshops like inverters do, they are not affected by fluctuations on input supply they keep welding reliably year after year. They are equally happy in any environment including industrial workshops, off shore, oil & gas, mobile welding, outside on construction sites etc. All models are generator friendly & will run from up to 100M extension cables. Dual voltage offer even more flexibility for site welding. Real go anywhere weld anything machines packed full of power!

MMA stick welding – CC Super smooth welding performance on all electrode types. High OCV with hot start guarantees fast arc up even on dirty & rusty material. These weld all electrode types including cellulosic 6010 etc which most machines will not touch. A remote current control can be used to adjust the amperage up to 100m away with additional stop start of output if required.

MIG/MAG welding CV Plug in a wire feed unit & you have a superb performance MIG machine. The arc is superior to conventional MIG machines with a smooth consistent arc & minimal spatter. The variable inductance control means you can tune the welding arc to give the very best welding characteristics for the job. These machines also weld gasless self shielding wire perfectly. Weld from the thinnest car panel at 20A right up to RSJ work, digger buckets, wear plates etc. Steel stainless steel & aluminium etc, also takes our spool gun for even better weld aluminium welding.

TIG welding CC, Plug in a TIG torch & you have a DC TIG welder. Weld from 10A to max current with a smooth stable arc. Lift arc technology means no HF interference so safe for use on vehicles etc. The TIG torch can be a simple gas valve type for basic lift TIG, or our switched type which starts & stops the arc from the micro switch, Ideal for stainless steel, mild steel etc, also the torch polarity can also be reversed to weld thin aluminium up to 3mm.

EWELD MST functions & features

EWELD MST functions & features

Functions OPTeARC


Superior welding performance on MMA (stick)
All electrode capability including celulosic
Built in hot start circuit for instant arc up of electrodes
Infinite variable control of welding power.
Digital ammeter for EN1090 & other QC standards
MMA Anti-stick function to stop rods annealing & release stuck rods.
Remote current control socket ready to accept remote devices.
MMA variable Arc force function.
Lift ARC TIG function for perfect starts on DC TIG.
MIG/MAG welding function with super smooth arc & variable inductance.
24V output & remote weld volts for MIG wire feeder

EWELD MST Technical specs 220A, 250A & 300A

EWELD MST Technical specs 220A, 250A & 300A

Specifications – amperage output 220 A model


250 A model


300 A model


Input voltage (standard models) 230/400V dual 230/400V dual 230/400V dual
Optional input volts (to specify on order) 110/230 dual 400V 3 phase 400V 3 phase
Amperage range 10-220A 10-250A 10-300A
Duty cycle 35% @ 220A 250A 300A
Duty cycle 60% @ 170A 190A 230A
Maximum no load volts (OCV) 85V 85V 85V
Input fuse size (D) 400V supply 16A 16A 20/25A (16A for 3~)
Input fuse size (D) 230V supply 16A 25/32A 32/45A
Min generator size for up to ¾ power 5KVA 6KVA 7.5KVA
Approx net weight 30kg 37kg 48kg

Approx case size all models           260mm W x 520mm L x 420mm H (excludes exterior hardware)

*Duty cycles & inputs are quoted at 40ºC; on TIG welding, at lower temperatures the duty cycle will be higher, for MMA or MIG duty cycle reduces a little & input increases a little.


Standard supply, options & accessories

Standard supply, options & accessories

Standard supply for all models;  230/400V dual volt, 3M mains input lead, 3M work lead, blue panels.

Options include; different input voltage, validation for EN1090, TIG gas solenoid built into MST, HF TIG functions.

Accessories include; Electrode lead & holder, MIG wire feeder for MST, MIG torches, TIG torch options, remote control units, foot pedal with stop/start & variable amps,

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